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....Our Babies Daddies...

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Do Me A Favour


"Tobie" is highly versatile and shows superior talent in both Reining and Challenge. The versatility of this stallion is the predominant reason we love to breed to him. He has produce multiply progeny that are also excelling in their chosen fields. His cool attitude and work ethic is second to none. If you are looking for ability, confirmation, size and speed he should definitely be on your list of preferred breeding stallions.

Lil Joe Cash 1.jpg
Lil Joe Cash.jpg
Lil Joe Logo.png
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Lil Joe Cash


Stone River Ranch is fortunate to have this talented Million Dollar Sire in our breeding program. Russell Giles has been a very strong supporter of Reining in Australia and Lil Joe is paving the way for talented new progeny to make their mark in the competitive arena. Chris Gould (Foundation Horse Training) is the Australian Agent and is happy to accommodate your requests.

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Shiney Outlaw


Stone River Ranch is very excited to add Shiney Outlaw to their breeding program in 2021. Thank you to Michelle Cannon from Cannon Quarter Horses for giving Australia the opportunity to breed to this amazing stallion. With versatility off the charts, Shiney Outlaw is definitely the perfect fit at Stone River Ranch. Can't wait to see his first progeny. If you are looking for loads of talent and versatility get in contact with his Australian Agent, Chris Gould of Foundation Horse Training.

A Hollywood Custom 3.jpg
A Hollywood Custom.jpg
A Hollywood Custom 1.jpg

A Hollywood Custom



When looking for a a stallion with ability and a great mind then look no further than this guy. Macrobi Farms is where you can find this stallion and Scott Glover is happy to assist. The talent of this stallion comes through in his progeny and his mindset is a big plus when looking for that competitive edge in the arena.

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Cody 1.JPG

Checkout Hollywood



When the opportunity arose for another Hollywood to join the family of Stone River Ranch it was never in doubt the ability and talent this stallion had to offer. Kathleen Murphy has done a great job with "Cody" and to include him in our stallion breeding program, produced the talented 2021 Futurity Reining Filly "Checkout My Shiner".

Spook 2.jpg
Spook 4.jpg
Spook 3.jpg

Spook A Little



When looking for a solid stallion with manners, looks, confirmation and talent - look no further.... Yves and Christine from Pacific Performance Horses have that and more in " Spook A Little " (by Smart Spook). 

Spook hands down to his progeny his abilities and good looks. The veterinarians who deal with his collections and semen, all agreed about its excellent quality. With recent insemination Stone River Ranch can also confirm the quality of semen.


Don't hesitate if you are looking for that link to Patriot (2022 RFAM Champion - half brother)... his father - Smart Spook ($8M Sire) and Wimpys Little Step ($13M Sire - out of Spicy Little Step - Dam). Just straight quality purple right there.

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