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....Looking into the Future....​

Stone River Ranch work hard planning for each coming year's prospects and breeding combinations. In order to promote the sport of Reining in Australia and consistently improve the breeding / talent / ability and competition, Luke & Trudy work together with their trainers to produce high quality, athletic prospects.

2022 brings exciting new breeding partnerships and Stone River Ranch are looking forward to being part of developing quality performance horses in Australia.

"I just love the breeding season! It's always exciting to see what we produce, to the journey of our foals as they start to discover themselves and develop into their careers" - Trudy Stone

Tango 1.jpg
Tango 2.jpg

Dun It For A Favour (aka Tango)

(Do Me A Favour x Eden Vale My Daddy's Dunit)

Q-166929 (2019)

"Tango" came to Stone River Ranch at only 5 days old and has developed into a strong, well developed gelding that is already letting us know he is ready for a job. Extremely well put together Tango showed natural ability in the paddock from his first day at the Ranch. Tango will be broken in 2021 and working towards 2023 3yr Snaffle Bit. Tango will be Gold Buckle nominated and ready to turn heads in the arena.

Elle 1.jpg
Elle 7.jpg
Elle 2.jpg

Playgirls Love Cash (aka Elle)

(Lil Joe Cash x Wimpys Little Playgirl)

Q-170151 (2020)

Bred in the purple, Elle is a stunning palomino filly with exceptional confirmation. Sweet in nature she showed natural ability right from the start and is a very quick learner. Elle will be Gold Buckle nominated and Luke & Trudy are very excited to see her develop.

JJ 3.jpg
JJ 1.jpg

Dunits Shining Gun (aka JJ)

(Colonels Shining Gun x Eden Vale My Daddy's Dunit)

PHAA #18269 (2020)

JJ is a welcome edition to Robyn Ross Reining. Congratulations Miss Ross!! this little man looks like being every bit of his parents - loads of talent , an old soul - nothing phases this lil fella. JJ is very affectionate and showed ability from the first day he hit the ground. Stone River Ranch is very proud to help Robyn with her breeding dreams, we can't wait to see these two tearing up the arena.

Waylan 2.jpg
Waylan 1.jpg

Chic Chex Me Out (aka Waylan) - SOLD

(congratulations ✨Cody Barnes!!!)

(Funtime Framkie x Nioka Dancer)


Waylon is a very smart lil man with loads of personality. He is quite confident and happy to explore his paddock. At only 1month old he is surely going to be quite a cowy lil fella. Nicely put together with a very cool head. He will make a great working horse for anyone interested in either Reining / Cow Horse / Draft / Challenge - quite a versatile option. 

Can't wait to see Waylan and Cody under saddle and out there together❤️

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