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....Our Baby's Mamma's....​


Stone River Ranch are quite particular in the selection of their brood mares and look for quality, ability, proven bloodlines and athletic progeny. With only a small number of foals born at the Ranch every year, it gives Luke & Trudy the ability to give quality care. The brood mares are weaned off by no later than 6 months and are then given quality time to relax after a gold class pamper into a lush green paddock.


Knowing that the embryo evolves into a fetus within 40 days and can quadruple its weight in the first 30 days, having your brood mare prepped coming into breeding season is essential.


"It's just as important to set the foundations for a healthy, stress free, nutrient-rich environment for the fetus to develop. Here at Stone River Ranch we believe that ultimate care to the brood mare is vital." - Trudy Stone

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Checkout My Shiner



"Prim" is our 2021 Futurity Mare with amazing talent and great temperament. She is so talented, that utilising this girl in our breeding program was a no-brainer. Prim will continue her professional career into 2022 and beyond whilst producing some amazing Embryo's for the future of Stone River Ranch. It is very exciting to see Prim's progeny develop and find their own niche. Only the best of the best for this girl - one very special mare.

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Eden Vale My Daddys Dunit


"Baby" is a true Mamma. She gives everything to her foals and is a very loving and caring mother. A high quality producer of talented progeny is her forte. She quite a mature mare and is definitely our dominant mare of the herd. In saying this she is very fair and respectful to the other mares/foals in the herd.


Nioka Dancer


"Chicky" is a seasoned brood mare that has recently become part of the Stone River Ranch breeding program from 2021. A kind eye, sweet natured, attentative mother and well established proven producer, Chicky is definitely an asset to the Ranch.

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