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....Competition Horses....​

Stone River Ranch works hard to achieve quality in competitive Reining and currently has the following horses actively competing....

Prim State 2021 (2).jpg
Chris Prim Slide n Spin 2021.JPG

Checkout My Shiner 


As our 2021 Futurity Mare - Prim is a beautiful mare with a sweet nature and a great work ethic. Very athletic with loads of talent and really making a name for herself on the arena. With proven ability the sky is the limit for this mare. Exciting Derby years ahead - campaigned by Chris Gould (Foundation Horse Training).

NATIONALS 2022 - Open Derby L2 2nd

                                - Open Derby L3 5th 


SQRHA 2022          High Point Open Buckle Champion

NATIONALS 2021 - Open Futurity L2 5th

QRHA State 2021   - Open Futurity L2 Champion

                                - Open Futurity L3 Champion

                                - Open Futurity L4 4th

PCRS 2021 - Open Futurity L2 Reserve Champion

                    - Open Futurity L3 Reserve Champion

                    - Open Futurity L4 5th

                    - Junior Horse Open Reserve Champion

QRHA State 2020               - Rookie Professional Champion

SQRHA Slide n Spin 2021 - Rookie Professional Reserve Champion

                                            - Novice Horse Open L1 Reserve Champion

                                            - Limited Open Reserve Champion

Photo: Nettie Eggleston


Photo: Ken Anderson

Hes A Hollywood Doc


Doc is our Non-Pro competition horse currently being shown by Trudy Stone. With a late start in the show scene & difficulties with COVID, Doc and Trudy are definitely beginning to develop into a strong team. 

SQRHA 2022 - High Point Rookie L1 Buckle Champion

                       - High Point Rookie L2 Buckle Champion

                       - High Point Novice Horse Non Pro L1 Buckle Champion

                       - High Point Green Rider L2 Champion

PCRS 2022    - Reserve Champion Green Rider L2

                       - Reserve Champion Rookie L1

QRHA 2022   - Green Rider Level 2 Champion

ARBC 2021   - Top 10 Rookie Shootout Finalist

                       - Rookie Shootout Reserve Champion

QRHA State 2021 - Beginner Rider Co-Champion

QRHA State 2019 - Rookie Professional Champion (Chris Gould)


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