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...... Stone River Ranch - Breeding Excellence for the Future ......

Nestled with picturesque views of the Brisbane Valley, Stone River Ranch was established in 2018 by Luke & Trudy on the banks of the Brisbane River. "Breeding Excellence for the Future" is the foundation of this couples dream to contribute to bring Australian performance horses to the next level.

Spanning 200acres of prime land Luke and Trudy have been able to achieve their dreams of breeding quality performance horses and longhorn cattle from their own backyard. With hard work and planning Stone River Ranch has built their reputation of stock quality and care. Producing high achieving athletes with ability, bloodlines, work ethic and good mindset has been the strategic focus Luke & Trudy have based their breeding program on.


Devoted to each other and their dream Luke & Trudy are proud of their home, what they breed and their strong relationship with their clients. 

Trudy Stone & Luke  Grams
Vincent 2.JPG

Photo: Nettie Eggleston

Charley 1.jpg
Rockstar 1.jpg.PNG
Miss Kandy K104.jpg

Stone River Ranch make sure their horses have the best care and use Sommers Sawdust Supplies. For the best bedding in town for your horses give Bruce & Shirley a call.

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